2009 — Present Day

Little Miss Robot

Have you ever asked yourself why you do what you do? For us, just like many other creative people, the answer is actually pretty simple. We see all of this new technology and can’t stop thinking about its amazing opportunities. Mixing creative thinking (represented by our Little Miss) with technical innovation (you now know where Robot stands for) is the core foundation of our studio.

We come from an advertising background where clients and account managers asked us to create amazing work that helped brand and sell existing products. We were forced to pitch our ideas for free and during execution we always struggled with the lack of authority, process and budget we needed to carry it out to a higher standard. We were tired of the way this seemed to work. At the same time The Internet was slowly growing into something more than just a communication layer.

Mobile devices like the iPhone accelerated new business models and we decided to stop promoting the same stuff over and over. With our experience in branding, design and technology we believed in something far more exciting: designing tomorrow's products & services.

We started out in 2009 and joined Heaven Can Wait – a digital service incubator – to help us professionalize our operations. Within a few years we organically grew into the first Belgian product design studio where digital technology is at the very core. Today we have a portfolio with over a 100 digital product partners in industries such as publishing, radio, news, finance, education, human resources, healthcare & recycling. We often whisper how exciting that actually is.

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Find out how Smart TV’s help VDAB employ more people.

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