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Little Miss Robot’s prototyping approach really helped us to involve stakeholders and accelerate creative decision making.

Heino Schaght, project manager

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The Perfect Pitch

We live in a world where everybody is constantly connected and interacting with people & services across screens. Platforms like Twitter & Facebook radically changed the way we consume & share news with each other. Belgian newspaper De Standaard leads the industry with digital services such as and its mobile app dS Nieuws. Today they have millions of users and part of the growth strategy focuses on turning their behaviour insights into an even bigger competitive advantage. They reached out to us to implement UX Design throughout the digital organisation by redesigning their mobile news service dS Nieuws. A design challenge we proudly accepted.

We ran a 5-day innovation sprint challenging the existing mobile value proposition of dS Nieuws. We interviewed all the stakeholders and invited over 50 consumers within an age of 18 to 65. We matched the editorial brand values of the newspaper with the underlying needs, fears and desires of our audience and deep dived into data insights and online news trends. At the end of the week we presented a redefined value proposition to the core stakeholders and got approval on a 4-month development roadmap boosting both the iOS and Android version of dS Nieuws.

Moving Forward

We ran 3 monthly design sprints with a team of 4 people interacting with the overall project coordination, sales, marketing, editors and of course engineering. We designed architectural systems such as navigation, browsing, reading & conversion. We designed all the visual elements, iterated through the typography, visualized interface animations and fine tuned the entire app branding.

We shared all of these documented design deliverables in a product design kit on Google Drive and kept it up to date so internal app meetings between departments like marketing and sales had a clear overview of the direction the app was taking and how to support it.

It has been an amazing ride with a passionate team of journalists, designers, developers, marketers and project managers creating the best possible news service for De Standaard’s customers. Only a month after launching the new application we saw a great increase in the amount of unique users and their average daily sessions. Check out the app in The AppStore or Google Play.

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