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Meet Edutube

VDAB is a social service company in Belgium on a mission to employ people via education programs and matchmaking.

In order to improve the education service for technical and industrial programs, VDAB launched Edutube: an online video platform that visually supports the learning process within these programs. Inspired by the rise of Smart TV’s the team wanted to start exploring its interactive video potential and asked us to guide them towards a working prototype.

After a first bootcamp we gained valuable insights regarding program management, video production, who is involved during the learning process and most importantly how they felt about the setup. With these learnings & observations we ran a first design sprint exploring how a Samsung Smart TV should support and facilitate the users via interactive video.

Building The Prototype

We challenged the current Smart TV setup and sketched alternative ways to interact with the device. We looked into remote controlling via a tablet, joystick or gamepad and explored how voice control, gesture recognition and Custom QR Code Cards might enhance the interaction.

Based on the prior user stories and technical implications we decided to scope a working prototype around remote control & touch interaction and initiated further technical research regarding Custom QR Code Cards. In our second design sprint we iterated through the interface architecture and optimised its visual elements with the education center in mind.

We did in-depth technical tests with custom QR Codes and learned that Samsung disables advanced webcam access, which made this feature impossible to deliver for now. Once the interface was defined we ran a third design sprint bringing the prototype to life following the Samsung development guidelines.

We installed this working prototype at one of the education centers of VDAB and facilitated a trial run of 2 months for a select group of course members. The results were really great. The amount of interventions during exercises decreased and there were no high priority usability issues.

We saw an increase in the quality of work and the amount of people passing their exams. At the moment of writing we are improving the technical setup and the team is preparing roll out the Smart TV setup over a wide range of education centers.

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