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It took Little Miss Robot 2 weeks to solve problems we were dealing with for over a year!

Bart Van der Roost, CEO

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Think Different

neoScores is one of Belgium’s most promising tech startups on a mission to improve music sheets all around the world. Not only does playing an instrument require a lot of practice, it also requires a lot of organisation and logistics. Musicians collect, print, annotate and gather an incredible amount of sheets during their career. They often own entire boxes of sheet music! You can probably imagine that finding the right annotations or comments for a particular play is a very challenging task.

Being musicians and web developers themselves, the founders of neoScores decided to change the way musicians deal with this. They created an online tool to support a musician’s worfklow. From taking notes and hiding staves to automatically transposing and tuning… you name it. After winning the Foxconn Prize and closing over 2 million euros of venture capital neoScores asked us to help improve the product experience and boost further development.

Rethinking Music Sheets.

During a 3-day Bootcamp we discovered interesting customer insights and defined the most prior topics to redesign. One of the main objectives was improving the navigation system, onboarding & registration, playlists and annotations. And on top of that we also needed an online shop offering digital music sheets.

We ran 3 prototyping sprints with a team of 3 designers and iterated our way to the best possible solutions for the topics that needed improvement. We presented new ideas or iterations during weekly status meetings and facilitated user testing to validate assumptions and uncover new insights. To support production and marketing we uploaded documentation and guidelines into the product design kit we created for the team. After 3 months of collaboration we delivered a clickable prototype visualizing the scope of the next big product release and a styleguide documenting all visual elements of the interface.

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