Revolutionizing Online Radio

Little Miss Robot helped a 100 year old broadcaster redesign an invisible format into a visual experience in just 3 months. That’s pretty amazing if you ask me.

Tim Van Lier, product owner

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The challenge

Radio Broadcasters are challenged by the impact of our increasingly connected world. An enormous change of behaviour is happening as we speak. Popular services like Pandora, Spotify and enable instant personalized music streamed to every connected device nearby. The rise of smartphone and tablets introduces a challenging task for media companies in order to survive: owning the digital interface.

Owning The Interface

Together with VRT we embraced this paradigm shift and gave birth to a strategic & innovative roadmap for its future online radio.

We started this project with getting to know all about the radio industry and helped VRT defining the true needs, fears and wants of a modern audience. Matching these insights provided a solid foundation for further exploration and prototyping. We organized stakeholder interviews, facilitated strategic analysis and designed customer journeys.


Mobile First

We learned that smartphones were driving the biggest growth in online radio consumption so we approached our design sprints from a mobile first perspective. We conceptualized a unique way of interfacing with radio and worked out concept presentations and videos illustration the future of mobile radio.

The next big step was to develop a fully working prototype and distribute it internally to gather feedback and streamline further dialogue.

We facilitated workshops regarding platform strategy, branding and scope requirements while iterating through wireframes, prototypes and visual designs. After 3 months of prototyping and testing we outlined a 1-year product lifecycle to grow Radioplus into a mature multiplatform experience.

Grab a device near you and visit or download the app on iOS or Android. Enjoy.

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