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Little Miss Robot teamed up with to rethink and redesign the Salariskompas-website. With a strong focus on the end-user, we redesigned the flow to improve the general experience and ease of use.

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We held a collaborative workshop in which we were able to involve clients, stakeholders and end users. Our human-centered approach allowed us to define the exact user needs, target group, corporate values and anything in between.

Easy to use

We defined an optimal interface that allows you to insert, adjust and play with the information at hand.

Constant availability

The new concept is based on real-time information, anytime and anywhere. You can now get factual feedback throughout the whole year.

Fun & delight

While processing all this data, we kept the Salariskompas a fun tool to work with. Animations, interactive graphs and a playful look & feel are a means towards this end.

Bringing a better user experience, constant availability and more detailed results.


At Little Miss Robot we design systems to define how a product will work. All components and systems must meet the requirements of the value proposition. Our systemboards contain a resume of what we want to achieve with the components and why we choose for this solution. We describe the components with it’s different states and some information or selections explained. 


To build our styleguides we use the atomic design principles. Atomic design is quarks, atoms, molecules and organisms working together to create effective interface design systems. Quarks… The atoms of our interfaces serve as the foundational building blocks. For example inputfields and buttons. Molecules ... Organisms…

The final product

Combining our system approach with an interactive styleguide allowed us to team-up with multiple technology partners throughout the project.. never compromising on quality!

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