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We were challenged by the Flemish Tourist Department to redesign its website from a mobile first perspective.

They wanted the new site to take full advantage of mobile channels and had no interest in pushing or squeezing content onto the smaller screen.

One of the most important objectives was to design a content experience embracing the evolving behaviour of tourists who are always connected, talking, exploring and consuming content via their phone.

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Little Miss Robot did a wonderful job guiding us through every step of the process.

Tomas Vanderplaetse, Marketing manager

After doing some user research, profiling and a customer journey workshop we understood that information & inspiration were 2 important entry points from a mobile perspective. Keeping these learnings in mind we went through a design sprint focussing on the main principles of the mobile site.

We iterated through navigation concepts, content scenarios and defined a responsive grid architecture. After 4 weeks we defined a scope and started another design sprint working out all visual elements for the website. We created an online styleguide and documented how the site should behave across screens and platforms.

Based on our design deliverables the internal development team fine tuned its technical approach and started engineering the new site. For 12 weeks we facilitated a weekly design meeting where visual issues were addressed and final design tweaks were made. You can check out the result at

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