As you may have noticed, a few things have changed at Little Miss Robot…

When we first started our studio in 2009 the world was an entirely different place. Flash was still cool, the mobile revolution had only just begun and Steve Jobs was about to announce the iPad.

Today we‘re surrounded by screens and interfaces that constantly interact with us in our everyday life. Information is flowing from all kinds of sources and everything is connected in increasingly interesting ways.

Over the course of our history we have taken on challenges in mobile, smart TV, VR and of course, the ever evolving web. Our mission has always been two-fold: we want to engage and amaze our users, and we want to be inspired by the possibilities of new technology.

Hence our slightly unusual, but totally fitting company name — Little Miss Robot — that combines this need for curiosity and creativity (the little miss) with our more geeky, technology-craving side (the robot).

Building on the strengths of this foundation we developed a set of design methods to create innovative digital experiences with our customers. We became more and more invested in UX, interaction design and digital styleguides. We partnered with over a 100 companies in industries such as publishing, radio, news, finance, education, human resources, healthcare & recycling to shape their digital futures and are very proud to look back on all the stories and people that crossed our paths over the last years.

Today we see new change ahead of us.

Technology has become so omnipresent in our world, that we will soon see the effect of completely new kinds of interfaces and product systems on our society, from brain-controlled interfaces over AI to Smart Cities & VR.

The challenge doesn’t just lie in designing the product, but also in making it work together with its surroundings in an increasingly complex set of possibilities. It’s about getting more and more stakeholders on board and diversifying the experience to individual needs. This evolution will require partnerships and solid collaborations, so we felt the need for change in our own story as well.

The branding & logo we had no longer matched with who we are and what we’re aiming for. So it was time to say goodbye to our beloved little miss and go for something that fits us better. Our new logo & branding are the result of an extensive branding workshop & collaborative design track, which we’ll explore further in an upcoming blogpost.

On top of that, we joined ranks with Knight Moves and Once in a new design and innovation initiative, the Leap Forward Group. By working closely together with these design studios from a brand new office in Ghent, we‘re able to invest in becoming an even better strategic partner for our customers.

Our goal as a company however remains crystal-clear. We’re highly invested in Digital Product Design and want to craft meaningful experiences that make a true difference to the people using them.

Thanks to the talent, passion and commitment of our people and the support of our new partners we‘re more confident than ever to succeed in our mission of bringing these new products and experiences to life. This same mission made us launch a new website, so check it out at !

Yup, we‘re hungry for more work. Yeah, we’re committed to build more kick-ass digital products. Hell yeah, we will go the extra mile for our customers.

Here’s to another decade of design & innovation.

Stay tuned!