Probably everyone recognises this feeling. It is the awareness that there are these little things, these little problems, that bother you everyday, but you don't have time to deal with them because you're way too busy with important stuff. That's why - every two months on Friday - we clear our schedules and take the time to fix things. Just to finally get shit done. But more important, apart from the practical stuff like organising things around the office, we also take the time to design and develop new and exciting things.

Floorplan & visitors experience

First of all, before we could start with the cool stuff, we took care of the important & practical things.

For those who don't have a car, Leap Forward provides two company cars to carpool together to meetings, workshops etcetera. We always park them at the Dok Noord parking nearby, but we had to come up with a system to make it easy to find them back after someone else used them. And instead of coming up with a digital solution, we preferred to go analogue. Because there are still some situations where analogue is the best way to go. Now we have a pin board where you can locate the position of the cars. We've find this solution to be working quite well.

Since we're working in our new office, we've noticed that it is sometimes difficult for our clients to find us. There are more than 50 companies located in Dok Noord and people apparently get lost trying to find us. So we had to come up with something new to direct our customers to us. We made a map of the surroundings to guide them the right way. Now we include this image in our mailings and all is good again.


Interactive Leap Forward portfolio

For some time we have a Microsoft Hololens laying around in the office and in the beginning it was all fun and games, but for a while we've been wanting to create and test some of our own content to give the Hololens a real purpose in our studio.

So during the first Fix It Friday session a group of colleagues bundled their ideas and skills to create an interactive Leap Forward portfolio in AR. Now with the Hololens, we can showcase a selection of our finest work right here in our own studio. Waiting guests, clients or applicants can be guided through the studio while experiencing the different kinds of work we do.

If you are curious - as you should be - our door is always open. So come by our office and give it a try.


LUCK - Library User interaction Creation Kit

As we are always trying to achieve higher levels of efficiency and to cooperate even more fluently, the Fix It Friday is a good occasion to take the time to have a closer look at our workflows. UX and UI design is a big part of our speciality and to become even better at it we optimised our wireframing workflow by developing LUCK.

LUCK is a Sketch library is a collaborative project where we gather all building blocks, icons and shared symbols we use to build wireframes. It's an everlasting work in progress because we keep on updating this library as we grow and evolve.


Leap Forward Shop - Society6

As we are building our Leap Forward brand, it seemed fun to try out an online shop full with goodies that wear our designs. Therefore we took the afternoon to design and upload some of our illustrations and we matched them with some fun products. And we're open for business. You can find stuff like iPhone cases, canvas prints, tote bags, clocks en more. Have you always wanted a service design T-shirt? Well, now you know where to get it!


Next up: December edition - we'll keep you posted