In the west of Flanders, everybody knows the "Krant van West-Vlaanderen". It has been around for ages and focuses on the regional and local news for every city & municipality, publishing over 70.000 editions every week.


They already had an online version of the newspaper for several years, but early 2020 we sat together with Roularta to create a better online reading experience for their loyal fans.

The result was an extensive project, where we created a robust design system, tested our solutions with many readers during several usertests and worked closely together with Roularta's development team to release the first version of


Of course, this is only the first step of a much larger roadmap. We have a lot of great new features up our sleeve, but we also value an iterative approach and will be releasing more features in the near future. So to our friends from West Flanders: keep an eye out.

And as they would say “totton, en oedjegoe é"!