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February 12, 2024

Spontaneous application

Person in a red trouser suit presenting on a stage

Do you think you would be a great fit in Little Miss Robot and want to help building the digital products of tomorrow? Let us know!

We believe that design and technology empower us to challenge the impossible. We question, rethink and continuously explore better interactions between people, technology and the environment. We take great pride in our company values and implement them constantly in the work we do for our clients.

Little Miss Robot offers you

  • a place in an inspiring studio in the buzzing centre of Ghent where we create time and space for creativity. On Fix-It Fridays, for example, we clear our schedules and fix practical matters that otherwise disturb our flow, and during our Leap Forward Labs, we learn something cool like 3D, do some creative knitting together, or make a stop-motion movie. Anything is possible!
  • work within a diverse team of digital experts that tackles challenges for small and high-profile companies. We share our expertise and know-how so that we can learn from one another. On Friday afternoons, we have a Take The Stage-moment and update each other on projects and workflow over a beer.
  • a fridge filled with healthy food and drinks, and a coffee machine that makes you the perfect caffeinated beverage. So we can enjoy our lunch and coffee breaks together!
  • an annual design conference and an extra training. Pick any conference in Europe you want to attend, we take care of your flight, tickets, accommodation, and we even throw in some extra allowance.
  • a competitive salary with great benefits and all the professional equipment you could wish for: MacBook Pro, external keyboard and mouse, you know the drill 😉

Join our team