The mission

Creating a delightful banking experience over multiple touchpoints

In our collaboration with European bank NIBC, we quickly realised that they did not just need an app, but a global approach to their design system. That system would allow NIBC to bring multiple visions, different products, and ways of working together to create a pleasant experience on all touchpoints. For this project, we worked together with the Dutch as well as the Belgian NIBC division.

Banking Application
UX, UI, Front-end development

Our work for NIBC encompassed a focus on user experience, which resulted in lots of user testing, communication between the different stakeholders, and co-creating with other tech partners. The scalable design system allowed us to create a smooth user experience and to transfer it to desktop. We wrapped up the project by delivering an extensive and easy-to-use style guide and front-end development.

Communicating via animated interface

Together with NIBC, we decided to turn the animation volume a notch by weaving all screens together and adding details. In this way, we created a delightful, enjoyable experience for the user. The vivid animations bring the interface to life and give the app extra charm.