Data, playfullness and styleguides working together for great UX design.

We teamed up with to rethink and redesign their online presence. Using our systems approach we first transformed the Salariskompas and made it more attractive to end-users by focussing on playfulness and a low-effort accessibility. Discovering the succes of our approach, we translated the insights of the first project into a complete styleguide platform used today by different partners within and outside of Vacature to create new digital tools in a coherent and efficient way.

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Systems for consistency

Today corporate identities are formed over a multitude of channels. Delivering a positive experience in every user interaction is crucial. We started by looking at a system level and defined the UX architecture and relations of different building blocks.

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Every detail matters

Even the smallest elements and details matter. By crafting different components thoughtfully and extrapolating their use to larger items we reach consistency in every product. This approach also boosts efficiency in our work proces by adopting atomic design principles from the start.

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A technological mindset

Technology takes up a central part in all of our work. Using styleguides we design all visual elements and turn them into ready to use code snippets. By iterating on these styleguides from the start, we make sure design and technology decisions cross-pollinate each other non-stop.

This approach helped us in co-creating these products with multiple development partners, using a wide range of backend technologies.

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