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How redesigning Howest’s website transformed the student experience

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Howest University of Applied Sciences is a creative, innovative and entrepreneurial university college. They wanted to uplift their existing branding and enhance their positioning of being a university open to all, where diversity is key’.

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We provided Howest with a future-proof design toolbox. This consisted of components, sections, and alternatives that they could play with to create variations throughout the website.

3x4 howest components 1 3x4 howest components 2
1x1 howest components

We delivered the design system as a Figma file with state-of-the-art nested components, allowing Howest’s team to quickly build pages whilst staying true to the design-language and layout of the website.

1x1 howest AI

Students can now find the information they are looking for much faster, and each course can have its own uniquely inspiring page.