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Experiencing the real Peter Paul Rubens

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Rubenshuis, home to famous painter Peter Paul Rubens, has been closed to the public since January 2023 due to renovations. The upcoming deadline for the partial reopening of the new buiding & garden called for a new website, complete with crystal-clear practical information, storytelling and a new place to display the work of their research department, all geared toward selling tickets.

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Through co-creation sessions we mapped stakeholders, user needs and started on the new information architecture.


We aligned with their marketing plan through a strategic document that the team can use internally to communicate: from strategic decisions and navigation choices, to tips for website copy.

We created wireframes to map a future-proof experience for visitors and built a design system based on their new brand language.

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With our support, the team at Rubenshuis achieved their marketing plan goals. We built the website as a Static Site Generator with Next.js, integrating a headless Drupal CMS developed by our friends at Anvil. This approach provides the advantage of a user-friendly, low-maintenance platform with a staggering site performance that allows the team to effectively communicate the complex life of Peter Paul Rubens.