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Kansstad, the educational game that tackles bottleneck professions

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VDAB, the Flanders employment service, wanted to get young people interested in bottleneck professions. We created an interactive digital escape room where young people could learn more about these industries and jobs.

16x9 kansstad

In co-creation with VDAB & Once Creative Studio, we created Kansstad. Kansstad is a digital escape room where kids and adults get to modernise six sleeping cities through mini games and quiz questions.

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Players can revitalise the cities by successfully answering questions and unlocking professions. If they successfully upgrade the city, they receive a certificate with their final game score and find out which bottleneck profession suits them best.

1x1 mobile kansstad 2

We created the design based on VDAB’s core branding, and developed the game in the Nuxt.js Framework, using Phaser & Pixi.js for the minigames.