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Craft CMS Meetup

Next edition: April 25th, Little Miss Robot, Ghent

All things Craft CMS related for anyone interested in Craft CMS. Whether you’re a content manager, PHP developer, front- or back-end developer, you’ll get something out of it!

Discover these amazing speakers on April 25th

Catalina assennato

Catalina Assennato

Craft CMS as a lead gen tool for Saas Marketing
Nick denys and frank desmettre

Nick Denys & Frank Desmettre

Headless Craft CMS with Next.js on a large-scale project

Facts and figures

7 meetups

350+ attendees

20+ speakers

2023 2 Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas

2023 2 Jan Henckens

Jan Henckens

2023 2 J Alex De Smet

Alex De Smet

2023 1 Veerle Devos

Veerle Devos

2023 1 Lieselot Huysman

Lieselot Huysman

2023 1 Karel Jan Van Haute

Karel-Jan Van Haute

2022 2 Jimi Robaer

Jimi Robaer

SKINN Branding Agency
2022 2 Ferre Lambert

Ferre Lambert

Little Miss Robot
2022 2 Amber Waltens

Amber Waltens

2022 1 Nick Denys

Nick Denys

Little Miss Robot
2022 1 Jan D Hollander

Jan D’Hollander

2020 Collin Van der Vorst

Collin Van der Vorst

Little Miss Robot

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