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Design systems

We’ve designed, built and maintained multiple design systems from small startups to large organisations. It’s important to have a coherent experience across various touchpoints.

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With a collection of reusable components & guidelines your company can save time, maintain brand consistency and improve the overall user experience. Furthermore it will foster a seamless collaboration between design and development.

We’ll make sure that…

We document UI patterns

By documenting UI patterns we’ll improve consistency, support development, and enhance user experience by providing clear and standardised guidelines.

It follows the atomic design principles

We start with documenting styles, layouts and grids. We then create building blocks which make the foundation of our components and patterns.

Your team can work with the design system

By providing the right trainings we can educate your team to take ownership of the design system.

Consistency is improved

Our design system is central to enhancing consistency across digital touchpoints, guaranteeing a harmonious experience.

It’s continuously maintained

A design system is a living document. While your organisation & it’s offering grows your design system will grow as well. We’ll ensure that maintenance will happen effortlessly.

It follows accessibility guidelines

We’re firm believers of accessible digital products. By complying with WCAG guidelines and using a11y development patterns we’ll make sure your design system complies while being aligned with your brand.


Questions we usually get

Let’s start from scratch: you have a rough idea and we will help you make it tangible. Based on input from end users and through design thinking, we can develop your business case.

Sure thing! We helped numerous companies forward in just a few days, although we do believe that the greatest customer experiences are created by lasting partnerships.

We can do a design sprint in 5 days and go from a vague idea to creating a design in no time. But we think that by repeating that process and reiterating we can create even more valuable designs and products.

Some of our customers have been with us for several years!

The short answer? All of them. We firmly believe in choosing the right technology or solution that fits your problem. Through our collaboration with the Cronos Network, we can always bring in experts for every technology needed within your project.

Although we’re preaching a technology-agnostic approach, of course we have favourite frameworks & tools. Our weapons of choice right now for SPA’s are React.js and Next.js. For mobile apps we consider web technology as the way to go: open source and cross platform. We like to use Capacitor & Ionic to wrap web apps to make them feel like native apps. React Native & Flutter have their advantages in specific mobile cases.

We’re a proud partner of Craft CMS. The versatility and usability of the system makes both content editors as developers happy!

But let’s be honest: this is a fast changing industry and we are always following trends and keeping up to date with new and upcoming technologies.

We’re a design driven company focused on a great user experience. Design is in our DNA and we like to understand the problem before we blindly build something.

So if you care about great UX we can always talk about how we can support you with the realisation of your products.

Most of our team members have a double background in both design and development. This helps with smooth communication and contributes to a seamless process. It also means one person can take on multiple roles within the project. It increases the overall quality, efficiency and craftsmanship.

Yes of course! You can borrow our team members, but you can’t keep em. We believe too much in the strength and synergie of our team to send someone away full-time to your company. Our cross-disciplinary team is always better than an individual at solving problems.

We can go small: create as much value as we can in a short period of time. Or we can go big: use all our enthusiasm and expertise to really go into detail and take a deep dive into your business. This will always depend on your needs.

That’s a very big yes for us! We can do short term projects to help you get started. We love a fast paced environment and quick decision making.

Let’s talk!