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Showcasing the platform’s capabilities of Billit

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Billit provides e‑invoicing and PEPPOL payment solutions to a wide range of businesses. We helped them overhauling their website to better showcase the platform’s true capabilities, and to revamp the company’s SEO strategy.

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We redesigned and rebuilt the Billit website. This required developing a full component library in a new visual style to improve consistency across pages. For the front-end development, we partnered with web development agency Numble who implemented a flexible CMS system to manage the entire site.

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We also worked with marketing agency Fluo to provide Billit with URL migration advice and fine-tune its tracking via Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4. Lastly, we used the components we’d created to produce landing pages to link to Billit’s SEA and Meta ads.

The relaunched website increased Billit’s SEO health site by 10%. What’s more, the site’s conversion rate improved from 6% to 7%.