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Enhancing FleetMaster’s user experience

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FleetMaster has a comprehensive solution for fleet managers to monitor vehicles, drivers, and resources. Their platform was designed to be highly customisable and scalable, serving a diverse range of clients. As this feature-loaded tool became too complex and ended up confusing users, they got in touch with us to help them make their innovative solution more user-friendly and consistent.

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We collaborated closely with FleetMaster’s team to streamline and enhance their platform. This process involved breaking down the project into smaller, focused sprints, each aimed at simplifying specific user tasks. Throughout the course of a year, we reworked and redesigned the entire application.

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We worked closely with engineers, incorporated user feedback gathered through various usability tests, and documented our design decisions into a shared UX system library.

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Additionally, we partnered with FleetMaster’s front-end team to develop a versatile design system that would enhance their product’s user experience (UX). We didn’t just want the tool to be practical — we also wanted it to be lovable.

Our collaboration laid the foundation for a robust, user-friendly, and flexible application. This application has stood the test of time over the past several years and supported FleetMaster’s expansion of their product suite and offerings.