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1. Limitless flexibility and customisation

While we handle the front-end, Craft CMS lets our clients focus purely on content creation. Unlike other CMS platforms such as WordPress or Drupal, Craft CMS starts from a clean slate and has no mind of its own. This means we don't have to tear down ready-made systems or templates.

Instead, we have the freedom to tailor the clients’ digital solution precisely to their needs. Think of custom pages using blocks, allowing for seamless content creation and organisation, and managing multiple sites in different languages.

For example, we used Craft CMS when working on the KMSKA app, an experience blending the physical collection with digital touchpoints to enhance the visitor’s museum visit.

Example of KMSKA's back-end in Craft

Example of KMSKA's front-end

2. An ever-evolving, future-proof platform

Craft CMS is designed to adapt and evolve alongside your business. Whether you're planning to add a webshop or integrate with existing tools like Shopify, Craft CMS effortlessly accommodates your evolving needs.

At Little Miss Robot, we harness the power of Craft CMS's extensive plugin ecosystem to enhance our clients’ website functionality over time. These plugins seamlessly integrate with their preferred systems and tools, allowing them to leverage the full potential of their digital strategy.

Craft CMS also offers a headless mode that separates content management from presentation, allowing us to choose the best front-end technology for your business. Whether you need a super-fast, static website or a reactive, single-page application, Craft CMS enables us to deliver the desired user experience.

Examples of Craft plugins

3. A user-friendly interface

Craft CMS is renowned for its intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it a favourite among our clients. It offers a seamless experience that streamlines workflows and simplifies website management.

With its drag-and-drop interface, both developers and clients can easily structure and nest pages, allowing for precise content organisation. Craft CMS allows our clients to build pages themselves using customisable building blocks. This provides flexibility and creative freedom without clients needing detailed technical expertise.

We’re particular fans of Craft CMS’s live preview feature, which provides real-time visualisation of changes as they are made. This boosts collaboration between teams and speeds up content creation workflows.

Example screen of the live preview feature

4. Enhanced user and asset management

Craft CMS provides a robust system for managing user roles and access levels. Administrators can dictate what users in a specific group can and can't do. For example, one group might have permission to create and edit entries, but not to publish them.

Our clients can finely tune these permissions to control access to various aspects of the system, such as managing entries, assets, categories, tags, users, and global settings.

But that’s not all.

Craft CMS simplifies asset management. The built-in asset manager tool organises files effortlessly, making it simple for our clients to manage their media content. Images, videos, and documents can be seamlessly stored, accessed, and modified as needed.

Craft CMS also allows on-the-fly asset transformations, such as resizing, cropping, or rotating your files with just a few clicks.

5. Awesome content management & SEO capabilities

Craft CMS offers best-in-class content management capabilities. As mentioned before, the real-time live preview feature lets our clients instantly view changes, and drafts aren't hidden away—they're easily shareable among team members. This fosters collaboration and promotes the free flow of ideas.

What’s more, Craft CMS’s drag-and-drop interface further simplifies the content creation processes. Its modular approach allows our clients to customise their pages using intuitive building blocks.

This flexibility extends to managing multiple websites and language versions from a single panel. It’s not just about building a website—it's about creating a global, versatile digital presence.

Example screen of Craft's SEO feature

Craft CMS also integrates with our clients’ favourite SEO tools to optimise their content, improve visibility, and drive traffic. We also lend our in-house expertise (via our Fluo agency) to help our clients unlock their full SEO potential while working with Craft CMS.

Unleash the power of Craft CMS with Little Miss Robot

Craft CMS is a favourite among our team and our clients. That’s why we ensure every client who chooses to work with the platform receives a custom manual designed to guide them through every feature of their newly crafted website. Additionally, we host a comprehensive demo session for content editors to ensure they’re fully up to speed.

Looking to build your digital presence? If so, Craft CMS can be a solid choice. We’ll gladly partner with you to ensure you maximise the platform’s full potential.