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How we approach internal design workflows

Our team put their heads together to collect 4 tips to design even better products and websites! Read all about how we use FigJam to gather content from our clients, the importance of interactive prototypes and how we speed up our workflow with FLOW.

Screenshot of the making of an Instagram post in Figma

3 ways to improve collaboration with your team and clients through Figma

We’ve been relying intensively on Figma as our main design (and more) tool for the last year… A year punctuated by lockdowns and steeped in the haze of remote working and other corona-caused consequences. As we collectively emerge from the fog, now seems like a great time to reflect on the experience and share our insights on this powerful tool.

Three laptops image made with FLOW

Take your wireframes to the next level with FLOW

This is our own internal library which allows us to easily create detailed wireframes, without being too restrictive. We use this as a starting point to keep everything efficient & consistent, but they still encourage creativity and some custom work.