Creating a transparent service package overview

Together with the Intuo team we designed and developed a marketing website which accurately displays their HR services. From personal objectives to peer-to-peer reviews, Intuo offers a wide range of services, each of which have their own effect within their clients’ companies.

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An experience tailored to Intuo’s services

Intuo offers an incredibly flexible service package, which deserved a beautiful and engaging visual representation in the form of an interactive 3D animation. There are three stages - Start, Improve, and Perfect - that each add their own little coloured details to form this unique experience.

It's in the details

It’s Intuo’s mission to help create and maintain a fulfilling employee experience for their clients. This personal approach is reflected in the website’s details, with a lot of fun little animations and attention to the details that matter.

Intuo animation 1
Intuo animation 2
Intuo animation 3
Intuo animation 4

Telling the complete story

We designed and developed a huge set of modular blocks which can be used to build dozens upon dozens of unique & highly visual pages. When putting these together it enabled us to visualise Intuo's universe, explain their services, and highlight their unique culture in an immersive & entertaining way.

A powerful and modular content management system

To make the maintenance of this website a smooth experience for Intuo's marketing team we developed a personalised content management system for them. Today, they can build, tweak & customize as many pages as they need in order to tell their story. Within those pages, the team can plug and play with the 20 modular blocks such as stats, videos, photogalleries, spotlights and so on.