Designing a clear overview of multiple datapoints in one dashboard.

Feeling the need to encourage the renovation of the Flemish housing patrimony, the Flemish Energy Agency (VEA) started working together with different stakeholders to develop ‘Woningpas’.

This new platform helps citizens with renovation-planning, creating a relationship with their government and provides easy access to all kinds of housing information.

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Online platform
Wireframes, ux design, front-end, online styleguide, user research & testing
Knight Moves, ACA-IT

‘Woningpas’, a brand new idea by the Flemish government, had to be build from scratch. Together with our friends from Knight Moves, we implemented service design in our process.

The challenge was to build a human-centered platform that presented all the information in a user-friendly way.

Together with different stakeholders and government organisations, we gained insights in the content, started developing the concepts and continued with wireframing and visual design.

Through a lot of co-creation & iteration, we created a platform for the Flemish public and an online styleguide that can be used by the Flemish government.

Building a robust information architecture

Different government organisations provided all kinds of info that needs to be presented in a clear manner. Our helicopter view made it possible to maintain focus on the overall project and not get lost in tiny details. Understanding the whole of Woningpas and translating it for every citizen to understand is an important aspect in this matter.

Woningpas 4

A modular approach to interface design

Keeping that general overview in mind, we used an incremental approach to build Woningpas, brick by brick. This approach results in a more focused and solution-driven approach with a faster response on user or client feedback.

Woningpas 5

A universum full of webcomponents

Webuniversum(noun) a big database of styled ux components used to build new websites for the Flemish Government.

Based on the existing colour schemes, typography and components, we started adding our own elements to give the project a recognisable look and feel with some extra subtle woningpas hints.

Woningpas 6

Building what your users need

When building a platform this complex and with so much impact on its users, it’s vital to sit together with your users and gain as much insight in their behaviour and feedback as possible. To achieve this, frequent user-testing is a solid method to align your product with the wishes and demands of your audience.

Together with the team of the Flemish Government we conducted a series of ongoing usertests and 2 big public usertests during batibouw. We used these insights to itirate on our prototype and further develop our final product.