Make difficult technical data and principles more digestible for the general public

Since 2012, Smappee has been developing innovative solutions to foster sustainable energy consumption. Over the years they have created different hardware devices with their accompanying software and apps. Their main product, a device and app that monitor the energy consumption of all the appliances in your home, got traction and was up for a complete makeover.

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Lots of data, lots of possibilities

Since the Smappee device generates a massive amount of data, it became a true challenge for the app to translate all that data in tangible and understandable blocks of information.With the possibilities being endless, we created a card system that enables us to easily add new content and launch new features in close collaboration with the team of Smappee.

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When given the task of redesigning an existing app, we get the perfect opportunity to test and learn from past wins and fails. A big challenge is to filter through all the input and isolate the essence of the app before building it up again.

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