Fast prototyping & close collaboration allows for quick results and a happy client.

Zeticon creates some of the worlds most advanced media asset management software platforms.

For their new version of mediahaven, they asked for our help to create a better user experience, a new visual design and work closely together with their developers to deliver a consistent experience.

Prototyping interactions

With limited screen estate and a ton of powerfull features under the hood we had to resort to some creative solutions and clever interactions.

Since we also delivered HTML & CSS we were able to prototype these interactions in fully coded components and make sure we could deliver a delightful user experience throughout the project.

Zeticon yellow scrollbar 800x600
Zeticon volume 800x600
Zeticon fragments 800x600
Zeticon scrollbar 800x600

Communication is key

The smooth collaboration between our team & the amazing people at zeticon was the key to delivering quick results and focus on what really matters.

By using a combination of our online styleguide, a slack integration and a whole lot of in person meetings we were able to take decicision and solve problems at a record speed.

Zeticon 07