Designing new user-interactions by prototyping and user testing.

In a world where everybody is constantly connected and interacting with screens, authentic reading experiences are an important thing for organisations such as the Mediahuis. After running a series of innovation sprints we created a tablet app that introduced a new way of digital reading. By prototyping directly into the code, we were able to quickly test and iterate on different interactions. Guided by reading principles such as scanability and eye focus we created a digital app that allowed for both quick browsing and in-depth exploration.

view app

Wireframes & concept

The concept focusses on a whole new reading experience, where scannability takes a central place. The column view makes it easy for readers to swipe left and right through the paper, which makes browsing through the large amount of content easy and enjoyable.

Standaard 04

Product Design

In a strong collaboration with the design team of Mediahuis, we implemented the “De Standaard” look & feel on our new concept. Creating an experience that slots right into the existing landscape.

Standaard 05


Our high-fidelity prototype proved to be a great asset for the Mediahuis development team. We were able to design all interactions in detail, creating a clear view for them to work with.