the challenge

Getting the story straight

Balancing digital-age speed with high-quality products and services is a slippery slope that can lead to burnout and overload. That's why Teamleader supports ambitious organisations with a planning, time registration and invoicing solution that prioritises simplicity, focus and ease of use. In turn, we helped Teamleader get their message across even more clearly.

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UX, UI, Motion, Full stack development
Once, Knightmoves

After acquiring peer company Yadera, which offers a similar SaaS solution, Teamleader got in touch with us to harmonise the two brand stories in a way that resonates with their customers. The challenge: both solutions do similar things, but have differing brand values, audiences and benefits.

With the goal of highlighting the right features, we worked closely with Teamleader to gain a deep understanding of the tools’ user base. We translated the Teamleader and Yadera tools into easy-to-understand animations that make it simple for potential new customers to grasp how they work and what they do.