Empower globetrotters to share their experience & inspire others to travel.

Lately we have all seen the travel fever grow across the youth and young adults. Never before has the world been smaller and thanks to the web we can gather information and inspiration from many places to get us going. Itinari came up with the idea to connect the experiences of locals and travellers to others and inspire them to get on their way as well.

Co-create, iterate, rinse, repeat

To get to the most valuable product, we spoke almost daily with the itinari team to constantly receive new insights, feedback and ideas. By keeping the client, development and the end-user close, the iterations were kept small and every feature was validated immediately.

Itinari 2

The numbers tell the tale

During every sprint, at least one (small) user test was organised. The first test were necessary to validate (or reject) features and concepts. Only when the high-level concepts proved to be successful, we shifted our attention towards more detailed interaction testing.

Itinari 3

Keeping it simple

One of the key objectives was to keep things as simple as possible. Thanks to constant testing and client feedback, we managed to keep our focus on the things that mattered and were able to put all our effort into making a concise set of feautures perfect and responsive.

Itinari 4