Our meetup took place in the brand new co-working & co-creation hub “Hangar K” which also acts as our second office in this amazing city.

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Speaker #1: Pieter Decabooter

Pieter graduated as an industrial designer, but has been working as a digital product designer at Little Miss Robot for over 4 years now.

And this is no accident: he quickly realised that there are a lot of similarities between building physical & digital products and in order to become a more complete designer he decided to focus on the digital aspect of product design.

Using 2 very different projects he worked on ( 1 during his time as a physical designer and 1 while working at Little Miss Robot) he demonstrates what UX designers can learn from industrial designers & vice-versa.

Download Pieter's slides
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Speaker #2: Steffie Garcia

Steffie is an expert Games UI and UX designer. She is Lead Artist at Big Pixel Studios on the mobile game Pocket Mortys and previously worked as Senior UI Artist at NaturalMotion on the mobile games Dawn of Titans and CSR2 Racing.

In her talk Steffie explored the changing gamescape, evolving team structures, and the need to constantly improve games’ user experience. She explained how game companies should focus on creating an awesome UX for their games and why.

Download Steffie's slides
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Speaker #3: Jenny Theolin

Jenny is an experienced designer & educator from Stockholm. She runs her own design studio called ’Studio Theolin’ and collaborates with Hyper Island amongst other schools.

In her talk “how to make less choices” she challenged designers & organisations to keep ethics in mind when designing new products and services. After all, it’s our moral duty to make this world a better place, and what better way to do it then through design?

So start designing, thinking, creating, building and acting like you give a damn.

Download Jenny's Slides
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